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We're helping Melanin Millennial Moms who want high achieving careers! 

I'm Jessica Canty,
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Our daily work journal and career services propels you into a career you're passionate about and postions you to earn your desired salary. 

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Work Journal. A Place to Record How Awesome You Are 

With  Your Travel Sized Career Coach You'll Learn To:

Make Your Resume Valuable Real Estate: Tailor Your Resume to Your Career Aspirations With Prompts Written By Our Team Of Resume Experts

Decrease Interview Anxiety And Increase Your Ability To Receive A Job Offer

Take Your Career Off Pause: You'll  Be Prepped For Promotion And Enhance Your Salary Increase Factor

Discover Your  Superpower : Learn How To Choose The Career That You Will Flourish In And Identify Your Arch Nemesis To Develop Strategies To Combat Falling Prey Again

Formation Of Your Executive Board: Recruit Your Success Squad To Scaffold Your Career, Prevent Hurdles, And Be Prepared For The Level Of Investment Required

Captivate Your Future Employer: Learn How To Position Yourself As A Subject Matter Expert That Companies Need To Fulfill Their Mission

Dress The Part: Learn How To Make Your Wardrobe Reflect Your Career Aspirations


Boss Like Behavior: Learn How To Assess Company Culture, Implement Your Personal Standards For Excellence Both Online And In Person, And Be Prepared For Career Curveballs

One on One Coaching

Our coaching program focuses on equipping the working professional with a plan that will land you your next best career move. In our time together, we will identify your dream career, position your resume and online profiles for a higher salary, and start acting toward your dream role.

Online Courses and

In Person Workshops

Our propriety system is designed to renovate your career from being on pause to fast forwarding you into the career you want. Our team specializes in resume and interview refinement, career path planning, and reputation revitalization.

Podcasts and Publications

Our tools help our clients effectively navigate the job search process, help with mindset shifts, and make necessary brand changes to make them an attractive candidate to employers. We guarantee that by implementing the skills, tools, and actions that our clients will successfully land interviews, receive job offers, get promotions and raises, and have the skills to maintain their dream careers.


We help working professionals transition from unfulfilling jobs to their dream careers, we provide a tailored work journal that coaches them daily towards a career they’re passionate about and earning their desired salary. Our program pillars are resume and interview refinement, career path planning, and reputation revitalization.

Entry Level Professionals

We format your career path so you can avoid low ball salary offers.



We design your unique power script to fast track you promotion pathway.



We revamp your brand to quench your appetite for career escalation and prepare you for opportunity to knock on your door

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You Really Helped Me

Before I started working with you, I was miserable, drained, and depressed....I now have a professional license, am pursuing my master's degree, and landed a new job.

L Martin


Wow, That's Awesome!

Wow, Wow, Wow! In just one one on one session, I had three pages of notes!

D Bailey

Corporate Recruiter

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