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Book Us for Your Conferences: Our staff is compromised of subject matter experts that would love to add to the conversation happening at your event. Please complete our pre-event questionnaire so that our partnership can make your event great. 

Face to Face Workshops: Ready for the up close an personal experience of charting your way to your dream career? We are so ready to help you at our live events. Check out our upcoming events under the attend tab.


One On One Coaching: We a offer a coaching program focused on equipping you with a plan that will land you your next best career move. In our time together, we will identify your dream career, position your resume and online profiles for a higher salary, and start acting toward your dream role. Book a call today so that we can discuss how to get you started.  

Services I Offer

Exclusive Publications

We love creating tools to make your job search easier and to make you more attractive to employers. Our Publications are included in our coaching program and online courses. Here are just a few:

  • Our Exclusive Productivity Publications: The Executive Board Playbook, Work Journal. A Place to Record How Awesome You Are, and S.O. P. Steps to Success

  • Our Exclusive Publication: Business Merger. What to Do When the Job is Offered to You

  • Our Exclusive Brand Identity Package

Cubicle Conversations Podcast. Discussions to Accelerate Career Goals

Learn how to leave your unfulfilling job for your dream career from industry experts who have been where you are and want to help you live a life where your passion can provide for your life!Tune in to new episodes biweekly.

Work Journal. A Place to Record How Awesome You Are (c)

Our one year work journal coaches you daily towards your dream career. In its pages you will find:

•Daily Results With Quality Analytics That Produce Long Lasting Results

•The Exact Tool Used Given To Coaching Clients To Tailor Their Resume In One Hour

•Quickly Plan To Make Up 3 Times Your Current Salary

•Work At Your Own Pace in Five Minutes A Day 

•Travel Sized and Less Than $20 A Month

Connect With Us Online

#CareersandCoffeeChat: Join us for live career advice every Tuesday at 10:30 am on Instagram. Bring your questions and get expert answers

Cubicle Country: Join our Facebookgroup and get access to exclusive tools to accelerate your career goals!


We help you assess what is working well with your skill set and determine how worried you should be about the challenges your facing with our assessment tools:

  • Our Exclusive Mindset Hurdles Assessment with Strategies to Overcome

  • Our Exclusive Career Readiness Assessment:  Break the Pattern of Choosing Jobs That Make You Miserable

  • Discover Your Superpower Pathway

Caring and Experienced Team

 Our team is comprised of members who are subject matter experts with over 35 years of  combined years of experience. Our staff includes members who are trained in clinical social work, motivational interviewing, human resources experience, curriculum facilitation for children and adult learners, coaching, and transactional leadership. Our team has experience in getting people hired for managerial positions in the federal government and those who seek global careers.



Our Online Courses and One on One Coaching Programs are affordably priced and Payment options are available.

Online Courses

Want career coaching at your finger tips? Well look no further! We offer online courses to help you excel in resume and interview refinement, career path planning, and reputation revitalization.

Coming Soon!


per course

Work Journal. A Place to Record How Awesome You Are. ©

  • Work Journal. A Place to Record How Awesome You Are ©

  • Career Kit 

  • Raise Worthy Resumes Webinar

  • Interviewing for Income Increase Webinar

  • Selecting Your Success Squad Webinar

  • Salary Negotiation Power Webinar

  • Cubicle To C-Suite Moves Webinar

  • Bonus Accelerator Course: 5 Secrets Working Professionals Need to Know to Leave Unfulfilled Jobs for Their Dream Career


Promotion Prep School 

One on One Coaching Program

In Our Six Month Program You Will:

  • Make Your Resume Valuable Real Estate

  • Slay Your Interview

  • Take Your Career Off Pause

  • Be Prepped For Promotion

  • Discover Your Superpower To Choose The Career That You Will Flourish In

  • Formulate Your Executive Board

  • Captivate Your Future Employer

  • Make Your Wardrobe Reflect Your Career Aspirations

  • Implement Your Personal Standards For Excellence Both Online And In Person

  • Establish and Demand Your Dream Salary 


per month 

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