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I believe that there are two things that everyone has experienced in life; missed opportunities and embarrassing moments. I know I’ve had my fair share. Hi! I’m Jessica Canty, the CEO of Proverbs 15:22 Personal Growth Coaching LLC; I started this company to help you overcome the myths and hurdles that are holding you back from your specific version of career success. I want to ensure you don’t miss promotion or salary increase opportunities and avoid embarrassing moments that can slow down your career acceleration.


I am your life and career strategist; I have a passion for helping people go from unfulfilling jobs to their dream careers. I have spent my entire career (over 20 years) studying, testing, and revamping my career success formula. I had to develop the steps, tools, and practices to survive the career curveballs that have been thrown my way. I have been devastated by getting passed up for a promotion I thought I was overly qualified for. I have experienced the frustration of not hearing back from companies that I thought I interviewed well for. I still have the worry lines under my eyes left from the countless hours I spent posting resumes for jobs that I never heard back from. I knew that there had to be a way to leave my draining and stressful job for one where I looked forward to working and had a paycheck that provided my family’s needs. I researched, tested, and implemented a three-pillar program that saw me get promoted and earning $30,000 more in just four months!


I fine-tuned the program and enlisted the support of my team (stellar subject matter experts with over 35 years combined experience) to develop tools and services to reduce the time it takes to get hired, promoted, and receive a raise.  So whether you’re a recent graduate looking for entry level positions without a low ball salary offer, a skilled professional looking to fast track your promotion in a place your skills aren’t recognized, or an experienced professional aiming for opportunities to chase you down my team is poised to help you accomplish your career goals.


So, I’m curious, what challenges are you currently facing in your career? If you’re like our clients and class participants you may be experiencing feeling miserable, drained, and even depressed at the thought of going to the office on Monday mornings for a job that although you are proficient in it, you have no passion for. Or maybe your tired of seeing others promoted around you and you lack the confidence to speak up for a raise. You may even have to work in a toxic environment of “isms” (prejudices and petty office culture) and it is impacting your mood and relationships. I’m here to tell you that it can get better. You can have job that you love with a salary that exceeds your expectations! It won’t happen through wishes or good luck charms; it takes work and support.


We know that you want a way out but may not know how. Through our strategic plan you will land your next best career move. In our time together, we will identify your dream career, effectively navigate the job search process, revamp your unique brand for a higher salary, and determine what you don’t want in your career. Our tools and services help you identify necessary mindset shifts to prepare you to maintain your dream career. How much longer are you going to stay in an unfulfilling job? Are you ready to earn the salary you deserve? What if nothing changes, can you live with that? Let us help you win!

Content is Exceptional

Working with Jessica Canty as one of our correspondents has been a joy! Jessica is our most productive  media personalities and therefore an asset as she creates content often. The quality of her content is also exceptional and has proven to be beneficial to our viewers, helping them to further their careers. Jessica is known for her professionalism and being a self-starter and she has a history of appropriate adaptation.

Francheska Felder

Publisher/ EIC of SwagHer Magazine, LLC

Let’s Start Working Together!

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