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How to Quit Your Job Like a Boss

If are considering leaving your current job, you are not alone. Many employees leave their jobs because of a toxic and draining environment, dishonest and mistreating management, and a culture of crazy. Quitting a job can be an anxiety producing task. Here are four tips to make your transition a stress-free success:

1. Decide on Why: When you have made the decision to transition from your current employment to a new opportunity consider these questions: Are you leaving for a distraction or opportunity? Do you no longer experience joy in your current role? What do you want different (salary, work environment, work life balance, etc.)? What are your current frustrations and disappointments with your role and responsibilities? Use the Career Wellbeing and Career Visualization Board Implementation Guide found in the Work Journal Career Kit to structure your decision.

2. Prepare for Lift Off: To create a smooth transition from one role to the next, its best to be intentional about next steps. Here are some suggestions to decrease anxiety, remorse and regret, and to increase your energy for the new space you’’ be sharing your talents: Plan some vacation time, practice self-care to avoid creating a mindset hurdle, and deicide on what you want your life to look like when you no longer have this role. Spend some time choosing the Career Affirmation (found in Work Journal’s Career Kit) that best fits how you want to feel going forward into your next opportunity.

3. Notify and Nurture: Companies that dissolve mergers do so with a well thought out exit strategy. They set their efforts on maintaining their client base, keeping their reputation intact, and creating pathways for future power connections. You should follow suit by wrapping up projects you lead, alert your management to what your absence will mean, and converse with human resources to ensure all necessary paperwork and protocol is adhered to. Keep a record of your meetings on the Meeting Notes Guide found in Work Journal’s Career Kit.

4. Settle into Exploration: Before choosing to follow the next opportunity afforded to you, give yourself some time to explore all the possibilities. Immerse yourself in researching books, classes, podcasts, videos, conferences, etc. that peak your interests. Record your experiences on the Career Investment Portfolio and Training Log Implementation Guide found in Work Journals’ Career kit. Research career pathways that will fulfill your mission, satisfy your salary requirements, and afford you the life you desire. Use the data you record on your What I Accomplished Today sheets to determine the passion patterns you have created.

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