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7 Tactics to Tackle Salary Taboos

When a company prepares to fill a personnel gap, they must strategize on several components. They determine what skills the new hire will need, what projects they will manage, how many hours a day the new team member will work, and how much of the budget to allocate for their salary.

Determining the salary range for a new hire requires painstaking detail to the benefit package and the candidate’s bottom-line take-home pay. This information helps them to be prepared to talk to you about the established salary range and negotiate with you to keep your contract within it.

Companies prepare for the salary negotiation before they post their job openings. You must prepare as diligently as they do. You cannot show up to the salary negotiation table unprepared and expect to get the salary you deserve. Use these sites in combination with your power script to help lower your anxiety, wow the interviewer, and crush the taboo of discussing salary.

LinkedIn is a great site to browse job postings that often list the salary range. It is also a great site to get coaching and courses on how to prepare for salary negotiations. LinkedIn is great to connect with companies and their employees to schedule a conversation on their impressions of company’s benefit packages.

In just four easy steps you will be able to support your salary search and help other women who want to do the same. You will work away with a personalized salary report and gain access their complete salary database.

You will find salary information on over one thousand industries and over 11,000 positions. This site is also great if you are thinking of relocating, it features the salary of over eight thousand locations.

Zip Recruiter has over 7 million jobs posted to their site daily, this helps them compile realistic salary data that will be at your fingertips. The site has over 35,000 job titles that can serve as a springboard for you to characterize your superpowers and confidently sell them.

5. Indeed

Indeed supports your salary negotiation by giving you an estimated pay range unique to your skillset. The site also lists top paying positions and top paying companies in a clear and comprehensive format. You will find a variety of industries represented.

Salary Expert provides a tailored experience to your expertise. The site asks a series of questions that helps them to calculate what you should demand on your next interview. Keep your resume handy so that you can input the information the calculator needs to give you an accurate range.

If you are looking to land a promotion or transition into a new profession the Bureau of Labor Statistics’ Occupational Outlook Handbook is for you. Featured on this site is not only the current salary range for a variety of industries but the site also predicts fields that have the fastest growth potential. If you are thinking about heading back to school the site is a great place to explore what specific salaries are typically earned based on the degree of study.

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