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Leverage LinkedIn for Your Level Up

Career Branding can be challenging for job seekers, entrepreneurs, and profession transitioners. There are a variety of companies vying for your attention and budget to promote your business and next best career move. With the plethora of platforms, it can be challenging to choose one that meets your career planning needs. You should consider LinkedIn as a part of your strategy. You can leverage the platform’s features to level up to a high achieving career. Here are five ways you can leverage LinkedIn for your career growth and building meaningful relationships:

1. Maximize the Marketing: LinkedIn is a marketing powerhouse. To activate its power, you must polish your aesthetics. Post a professional headshot (no bathroom selfies), update your skills every six months, and ensure you describe your expertise in transformational language not tasked based language. The platform can also be used to market your site and work. Post regularly about your blog, podcasts that highlight your profession, and how potential clients and employers can see your work and connect with you on your personal site.

2. Networking Nook: LinkedIn takes the anxiety and awkwardness out of meeting new people, connecting with clients, and initiating conversations with potential employers. Long gone are the days of practicing an introduction and fumbling for a crumbled business card. LinkedIn provides the space for genuine value exchanges. With its direct messaging and commenting capabilities, you can schedule a careers and coffee chat with current and past employees of your dream job. Using the like and share features establishes your brand voice and forges both in person and virtual alliances.

3. Career Courses: If you are looking for self-paced, convenient, and budget friendly courses, LinkedIn has what you need. Use the platform to get training at your fingertips, get insider hacks that your boss won’t tell you, and earn certificates. They have thousands of classes that can support you in being a competitive candidate.

4. Education and Events: LinkedIn is a window into the needs of your clients and the climate companies must adjust to. Your news feed is a great way to learn about events that can equip you to be on the cutting edge of what’s happening in your profession. Read the articles that others post to streamline your success strategy. They are often filled with tips and profitable people.

5. Virtual Career Fair: LinkedIn customizes the job posting highlighted for you. The customization is a great way to research titles and responsibilities that in alignment with your skillset. The positions will help you highlight your transferrable skills, give you confidence to change titles, and help you advocate for a higher salary.

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