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3 Tips For Getting Over Your Monday Blues

I once worked a job that made me dread Monday mornings. Anxiety would seep into my body on Sunday afternoons that would cause me to not want to think about or speak about work the next day. I would wake with migraines, fatigue, and neck and shoulder pain. Judging by the numerous amount of Monday morning memes and “ case of the Mondays” sayings, I know you may have experienced the Monday Blues when faced with the reality that the weekend is over and it’s time to return to work. Here are 3 Tips For Getting Over Your Monday Blues:

1. Slay Your Sunday: Monday Blues is often created from the overwhelm of adjusting back to a rigid schedule after a more relaxed paced weekend. Ensure that you have planned your priorities before Monday to lower the angst felt towards the transition.

2. Mull Over Monday: Ask yourself if you only feel dread on Mondays. If your Monday Blues spills over into other days of the week majority of the time, it may be time for a career change. If you feel like you’ve lost yourself, value, or passion for the work every day of the week, implement an active plan to pursue a workspace that better supports your wellbeing and mission for your talents.

3. Make Monday a Milestone: Write and audibly affirm what you will have accomplished, how you will feel, and what transformations will be in place because of the work you started on Monday.

Implementing these three tips helped me to assess when to make career pivots, what I wanted from my career, and how to advocate for my wellbeing. You can use our Career Toolkit and Work Journal. A Place to Record How Awesome You Are © to quickly put these tips into action today.

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