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5 Tips to Stand Out When You Are an Introvert

Introverts are often mislabeled as standoffish, aloof, and loners. This can impact their ability to naturally stand out for promotions, project leads, and high scoring performance evaluations. Introverts must work in a world were extroverts are perceived as more equipped to lead because they are more vocal. If you identify as an introvert, here are some tips to start to see seeing your superpower as a leveraging tool to stand out in the workplace:

1. Be Stellar at Note Taking: Introverts are outstanding observers; they can gather data at fast speeds and organize it in logical patterns. Therefore, your observations on paper when reported out provides the team with an assessment of challenges and lays the foundations for their solutions. Use the Note Taking Implementations Guide found in Work Journal’s Career Kit to capture your brilliance.

2. Ask the Powerful Questions: It can be a daunting task to speak in front of people and interact with them for long periods of time. To balance your energy, show up with your inquiries about the company’s gaps in service and areas where they are not meeting their goals and mission. Use the information you recorded in your Quarterly Update Implementation Guide from the Career Kit to form your powerful questions.

3. Make Powerful Connections: As an introvert, you naturally see connecting themes between seemingly unrelated topics that others struggle to. You can use that superpower to connect people to resources and solutions. Use the Networking Implementation Guide found in the Work Journal Career Kit.

4. Do It Scared: Introverts can be incessant planners. You often prepare in excess because of the anxiety that rises when you think of public speaking or having to team with others. The fear can be paralyzing and stunt your career growth. Acknowledge your discomfort and picture how you want to show up. Use the Career Affirmations and Career Visualization Board Implementation Guides found in the Work Journal. Career Kit to develop the mental model to present and connect even when scared.

5. Remember Your Why: When you experience exhaustion from too much peopling, use your why to refuel and reenergize. Revisit your mission and vision in your Work Journal. and use it to propel you in promotion activities.

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