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5 Ways to Diversify Your Income Through Your Natural Talents, Skills, And Work Experiences

Between student loans, childcare expenses, and household bills, your salary must address a great deal. It can feel like you and your salary are stretched thin. Most professionals have given thought to how they can bring in additional income to cover the gaps and give some breathing space to their budget. Having multiple streams of income can ease the salary stress, however choosing a side hustle with a good fit can be challenging.

You are not alone if you have been bombarded with “Earn money fast… you can earn additional income in your spare time” ads when perusing the internet for lucrative ways to earn some extra cash. Let me let you in on a little secret, there is always something more you must do before you can earn “30k in 30 minutes”. Here’s the truth, you already have at least five additional income streams located in your unique superpowers. You don’t need another degree, course, or additional qualifications: your natural talents, skills, and work experiences can lead to additional income. Here’s how:

1. Consult: Companies hire consultants to provide analysis on areas of opportunity for growth and gaps in the services they provide for their clients. You are a consultant. You instantly observe what others overlook. Consider pitching yourself as a consultant for companies that provide services for your profession, roles you play, and your hobbies. You can consult on how a company is overlooking moms, not supporting millennials, and need to expand their product line to be more aware of people of color’s concerns. If you can see a problem, you can consult. You can charge by the hour or by package.

2. Teach: You do not need a certification, degree, or extra licensure to teach. All you need to teach is interest, passion, and exposure. You have all three. The world is full of people looking for nuance specific courses taught by someone with your personality. You can teach a course on your hobbies, passion projects, random ideas in your thought bubble, or hold space for those who experience the same challenges you do. Teaching is a great way to make money without having to spend money. You can use Eventbrite to schedule and market your class. You can use Zoom or other digital platforms to host your class and use Canva to design your presentation.

3. Speak Up: You can earn an extra paycheck with the power of your voice. Consider starting a podcast or a blog. You can monetize your thoughts and perspective on a digital platform for free and on your own time. Write about tools of your profession, give voice to what industry insiders are talking about, and demystify taboos.

4. Do What They Don’t Want to Do: Businesses and individuals have a list of daily tasks that seem to mount and cause them to be less productive. Search your superpowers for tasks that you can get lost in and enjoy that other people tend to procrastinate in completing. This is your niche of in demand services that is sure to bring repeat customers. You can bring in a healthy supply of income by doing laundry for busy moms, content creation for not so tech savvy businesses, organize events for overwhelmed nonprofits, and you can even manage group chats for organizations that need more centralized data collection.

5. Make A Tool: People want quick results for their goals and to shorten their learning curve for new interests and pursuits. Your transformational and transferrable skills have developed work arounds, how to’s, and F.Y. I.s do just that. Create a tool, checklist, or worksheet that novices can use with ease but must come to you to get higher level results. Convertkit is a great free tool to automate capturing potential clients and sending them your tool without cutting into your daily schedule.

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