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How 2020 Came to Equip For 2021 Career Success

Updated: Jan 11, 2021

At the end of every year, I like to reflect on my experiences and lessons learned. I put pen to paper and assess my strengths, weakness, opportunities, and threats (SWOT) that impacted my year. I review my daily record keeping of the highs and lows and summarize it all to propel my next year. Here’s the lessons 2020 taught me and how I am welcoming the change it created:

1. Growth Is Found in A Mixture of Comfort and Courage: This year has been a whirl wind of location moves for me. In January and February, I was comfortable in my condo and cubicle; then 2020 blew in and I had move from my home and transition from working in a building to working in my bedroom. I learned that with courage, I can find comfort in change and grow past my perceived limitations.

2. Productivity is Fueled by Passion and Promise: With the development and launch of Work Journal. A Place to Record How Awesome You Are © , I learned that I can create solutions for clients that will radically change their careers when I approach them with passion and keep promises to myself.

3. Relationships Can and Must Change to Be Powerful: I experienced significant upheaval in majority of my most intimate relationships, it left me devastated and defeated. I was able to move forward when I learned that the changes, I experienced in those relationships created space for me to make more meaningful and powerful connections that enrich my life and well-being.

4. I Have the Power to Shape How I Show Up in The World: I did the hard work of diving deep into mindset hurdles that have challenged me through out my life; I realized I am not the sum of my experiences. I can decide to be the most authentic version of myself in every room I enter.

5. Gumby and I are Twins: This year, I have had to take on the additional roles of virtual learning teacher, cafeteria lady, procurement specialist (more like mastering the art of ordering everything online and curbside!), and so many more. 2020 emphasized the necessity of being flexible and adaptable with a major helping of giving yourself grace.

What lessons did 2020 teach you? Tell me all about it in our Facebook Group and don’t forget to preorder your copy of Work Journal. A Place to Record How Awesome You Are©

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