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How to Track Your Career Goal Progress

I recently had a client ask me “How do I know if I am progressing in my career”? My answer to the client is a secret I want to let you in on. A progressing career is one that is planned with intentionality and pursued daily. Unfortunately, most people seeking a high achieving career do not know where to begin in their quest for success. Here are some tips to measure your success, how to challenge yourself to do better, and pivot if you're still not where you want to be:

Do a Career Audit: What skills have you acquired or refreshed in the last 30 days? Did your efforts produce the results you wanted? What got in the way of you creating space and boundaries for your goals? Record your answers and post them in a career seeking digital community. This will help you access strategy tools in a supportive environment.

Set Yourself Up for Success: Goals that have easy to digest steps are more likely to get long lasting results. Set four career goals a month, pursue one of the four goals a week, and then break down the steps to complete one task a day. In Work Journal. A Place to Record How Awesome You Are © you will have the top 12 career goals you should pursue to have high achieving goals. Its CEO Strategy Sessions coach you to break down seemingly unachievable promotion and raise goals.

Host a Goal Show and Tell: Use a digital platform or arrange a intimate face to face venue quarterly to share with your tribe what you are working on. Their admission ticket will be sharing their completed goals and resources they found helpful. You will have accountability partners and links to career accelerating resources to boost any slumps or challenges you face. I’ll get you started on the goal show and tell…Here are my goals for the remainder of this quarter and the beginning of next.

· I will contribute to a book for full time employees and entrepreneurs by the end of May.

· I will open a career mastermind to coach ten women into their dream careers in June.

· I will plan the steps for the release of the Executive Board Playbook to be on the market by Winter 2021 by the end of June.

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