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How To Overcome Imposter Syndrome

Imposter Syndrome lurks in every possibility and opportunity for many melanin millennial moms. It latches on with a fervor that’s hard to shake. The syndrome shows up in you second guessing your qualifications to be confident in your skills and your right to take up space in this world.

All the external voices from our childhood into adulthood became your internal gage of your worthiness for success. They set the stage for you to have a seemingly incurable case of imposter syndrome. You must reset your mental frameworks or succumb to a life of monotony and complacency. Revisit these 5 principles when imposter syndrome creeps in and tries to kill your vibe: 1. Quiet Your Inner Bully- She will only tell lies, that’s her job. Your inner bully creates a repeating ear worm script that points out how you are not enough. When she whispers or even has an internal scream that halts your progress towards your goals, pull out your unique Power Script Formula and refocus on what your mission is. Let it be the center of your attention; not what your internal Negative Nancy has to say about it.

2. Silence The Internal Hater- Your internal hater is a little different than your bully. She is extremely dangerous because she can convince you that what she shows you and says to you is the truth. She has kept record of your highs and lows and intertwines them to blur your vision with an altered version of the truth. Guard your literal and internal vision; don’t let your internal compass get skewed. Put your career affirmations in front of you, listen to them audibly, and say them aloud whenever that internal hater starts to pump up the volume.

3. Evict The Know-It-All Syndrome: As children many girls who are bright and often discouraged from raising their hand and letting their light shine. They can be labeled a know it all because of their brilliance. It’s time to evict this belief that your power should shrink to make others feel better about their power. You are uniquely crafted and have expansive knowledge... you’ve earned the right to say you know what you are talking about. Review your quarterly update for a quick reminder of your transformational skills.

4. Stop Scrolling- Social media can be great to make powerful connections but there is an unintended consequence of comparing yourself to others and coming up short. Use your career visualization board to create a career that is in a alignment with your values not the latest trend. If social media is a large part of your career plans, build in weekly internal assessments to ensure that the comparison monster does not creep in.

5. Trust Your Preparation: You have invested time, energy, finances, and resources to be the accomplished professional that you are. It’s time to trust that you gathered the essential principles of your profession and know how to apply them. If you need a reminder use your career investment portfolio and training log as proof.

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This is great advice even for people starting their own businesses.

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