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Overcoming Salary Negotiation Fears

For most job seekers, salary negotiations cause anxiety; people are fearful of what to expect and say during the conversation. You are not alone if you find it hard to develop a response to the common interview question “What are your salary requirements?” I have had several fears filled interviews and learned how to overcome them by applying the lessons taught in our proprietary Canty Model of Career Development found in Work Journal. A Place to Record How Awesome You Are. Here were my insecurities and mindset hurdles that were poised to block my career success:

1. I Would Accept A Low-Ball Salary Offer: I met with my support system; my career my executive board prior to my interview and sought their wisdom on what salary I should request. I walked confidently into the room with their advice and received $10k more than what I expected.

2. I Would Talk Myself Out of a Job: When I get nervous, I tend to stutter and trip over words. I feared that my nervousness would read as an ability to get the job done. I overcame this by getting clear on what I am uniquely capable of doing and creating a power script to recite and build on when in interviews.

3. Other People Being Hired Knew How And Did Get A Higher Salary Than Me: Before I started coaching and training career curriculum, I coached my college classmates into positions they were seeking. I would often request their solidified salary to be ready to coach others on what they could earn. I did not feel I could advocate for myself to earn the same salary or higher until I learned how to make my resume do the talking for me. Once I treated my resume like the valuable real estate it is, I was able to boldly request and get the salary and benefits I deserved.

4. I Would Walk Away from An Opportunity If I Wasn’t Patient Enough: I once earned a position that was aligned with my passions but did not afford me the ability to pay the bills. Urgh! I loved the work so much that I would have done it for no pay…but the way my student loans are set up… I knew that walking away was the best option when I realized the lessons I learned in the role, positioned me to captivate other employers who were willing to compensate me for the transformations I created.

5. I Would Be Stuck at The Same Salary: For years I made menial salary increases in a position that gave me purpose; but not enough paycheck. When I began to search for more lucrative work, I kept being told that I had reached the salary peak for that type of position. I applied time and financial budgeting techniques (Millennial Money Moves) that allowed me to take a calculated risk on the buffet of my skills and secured a promotion of $30k more!

You can find these salary tips and more in our Canty Model of Career Development found in Work Journal. A Place to Record How Awesome You Are. Order Your Copy Today! We’ll be chatting Salary Negotiations ( January 28, 2021 at 6:00pm EST) , How to Select Your Success Squad (January 21, 2021 at 6:00pm EST), and how to leverage Interviews for Income Increase (January 14, 2021 at 6:00pm EST) in our Work Journal Webinar Series.

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